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About Us

hotabo is all about you, the travelers of the world. We are here to help you find great deals for top travel destinations around the world. We also know from experience, that sometimes life gets in the way and even the best laid plans can change. When that happens, our goal is to make sure your spirit isn’t crushed, your love of travel stays strong and your money doesn’t go down the drain. We do this by giving you the opportunity to sell your hotel reservation to someone else if you can no longer use it or cancel it.

Book a new reservation or sell one when plans change

Looking to sell

Have an amazing reservation you can no longer make use of? With millions of users viewing our deals every month, we’re confident that your reservation will be sold in no time. Just double check to make sure it’s a non-refundable reservation, post your listing on our sales page and you’re good to go.

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Looking to buy

Ready to take advantage of someone else’s change in plans? Don’t think twice! Check out our Discover page to find exclusive Traveler Deals posted daily by travelers just like you. Here you’ll enjoy one of a kind offers for an unbeatable price. Find the deal that suits you best and start packing!

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Change is a good thing

Here at hotabo, we encourage you to go for the best deal you can find even if that means choosing a non-refundable option. On the off chance that you have to cancel your plans for whatever reason, our goal is to help you cut your losses and keep you smiling.

Travelers know best

We are all connected by our love of travel and have all experienced times when things didn’t quite work out the way we expected. With 24 hour customer service, there is always someone listening to what you have to say and eager to help ensure your travel experience is pleasant from start to finish.

Traveling the world shouldn’t cost a fortune

Our team is dedicated to tracking down the best deals so that every person visiting our site can be sure to find something within their budget. You will find our community of travelers an encouraging place to gain inspiration into new sites to visit as well as suggestions for deals that offer you the best value for your money.